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2003-10-18 - 2:32 p.m.

So this thing that was said to me the other night? Yeah, still bugging me. If it bothers me so much, shouldn't I be able to talk about it? I would think so, but I think bringing it up would lead to a conversation I don't want to have just yet.

Why do I have to make it so complicated? Why do I have to read into things so much? I try not to. I try really really hard to just let it be, to completely trust but I really need some clarification on something. I don't know... I doubt it'll ever happen.

I want to say how hurt it made me, but then I'll just hear that I care too much and it should end. Yes I care, of course I do, and I don't want it to end because it makes me feel so damn good. I'm a girl, that's how it works. I think I read too much into him, but I don't know because it all goes unspoken. We don't talk about it. I wish my life would make more sense right now.



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